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Social ResponsibilitySocial Responsibility

Social Responsibility

For us, social responsibility is not just a phrase. As of 2015, our office contributes 0.60% of our revenue to Spanish organisations that enjoy great social recognition for the quality of their services, and whose recipients will immediately benefit from these donations.

The conditions set out for these donations are as follows:

  • The 0.60% percentage is taken from our gross income (VAT taxable base). This means that, when a client makes a payment of 1,000 euros 6 euros shall be fully designated towards the donation.
  • These donations go to Spanish organisations of recognised standing who carry out their activity within the Spanish territory.
  • The recipients of these donations are aid programs for children and young people, particularly related to schooling, academic training and outdoor education, as well as those which assist children and young people with serious illnesses. The money goes directly to these programs; no intermediaries are involved.
  • An independent auditor will examine the donations made each year and will produce a report in English and Spanish to be posted on this website, certifying that all the requirements of the commitment undertaken by our office have been satisfied, and the beneficiaries of such donations will be named.
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