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Do you have questions about Spanish tax law?

  • Big is not beautiful. Size is not synonymous with quality. Rather the opposite. We don’t claim to be proficient in all areas of law. We deal with one subject, and we excel at it – tax law. 
  • We are a small but highly experienced law firm. For us, quality, rather than quantity, is most important. As we have all worked in large firms, we know what their disadvantages are. For a start, their costs are significantly higher, not to mention that the risk of errors being made and contradictory information being given to the client are largely increased. The reason for this is simply that too many people are assigned to every issue, no matter how small.
  • In our office, you will have a single point of contact. This simplifies your consultation greatly, as well as being more affordable.
  • Many claim to be knowledgeable about international law, but experience entails a lot more than simply speaking English or German learned locally in a language school. A lawyer can only be considered international if they have worked abroad as such for a number of years.
  • Because we know that clients do not always know what they need, we serve as guidance. We do not limit our services to mere consulting. We will not wait until you turn to us with a problem; rather, we will let you know in advance what is best to do, as we are highly service-oriented and always consider your personal circumstances. If there is something that you have not been doing well and that could put you or your company at risk, we will be very frank about it.
  • The subjects on which we provide advice are complex, and of great economic value, as our clients are mid- to large-sized companies as well as private investors who operate in several countries simultaneously.
  • “The economy goes global, but taxes stay national”. National tax laws have not yet adapted to the current large-scale international movement of capital, services and people. These national legal systems are often unable to offer a clear answer to the day-to-day doubts facing investors. Besides, current common legislation in some states is interpreted in different ways by each administration. Many of the consultations made by our clients are new subjects on which the administration has no clear criteria set yet. For this reason, an assessment based upon experience in international matters is very important.
  • Preventive activity is key. In Spain, as in many other countries, tax authorities do not need a court order in order to impose a penalty or seize a bank account. Sometimes, by the time you react it is already too late. Moreover, the national tax authorities, particularly in Europe, have been exchanging information spontaneously and automatically amongst themselves for a number of years. For this reason, the risk of incorrectly declaring your income, estate, inheritance or donations abroad is now much higher than in the past.
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