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Javier Valls

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Javier Valls

Companies are increasingly selling outside their borders and they are sending their staff to other countries. Families are also regularly moving abroad. International tax law is therefore in vogue but few can actually prove international experience.

This requires having a specialization and have worked in other countries, advising clients and seeking a solution to their conflicts, all from different national perspectives. It requires intercultural competence and great agility to understand complex problems, which are only solved with enthusiasm and experience. From the very beginning, Javier was aware of that.

Javier Valls graduated in Law from the University of Barcelona and registered in the Barcelona Bar Association in 1995. After working as a tax lawyer in Barcelona, he moved to Germany, where he specialised in international and European tax law.

He also holds a Master in European Law (LL.M.) from the Europa-Institut of the Saarland University in Saarbrücken. A few years later, he earned a PhD in Tax Law from the Tax Law Institute at the University of Cologne.

During those years, he worked for the Ernst & Young’s International Tax Department in Stuttgart, and later, for the law firm Flick Gocke Schaumburg in Bonn.

Back in Spain, Javier joined the "German Desk" at Ernst & Young in Barcelona, and worked in the firm’s International Corporate Tax Department, as well as in the Human Capital Department, which specialises in tax consulting services for expatriates and private individuals with assets.

He also worked as Head of the Tax Department in Barcelona for the law firm Monereo Meyer Marinel·lo Abogados (now Monereo Meyer Abogados). A few years later, he set up his own law firm in order to focus on his true vocation: to meet the client needs by offering diligent and personalised, high-standard legal consulting services, making professional competence prevail over brand name and corporate image.

Since 2006 he is a part-time Tax Law professor at the Faculty of Law in the Universidad de Barcelona, and between 2010 and 2014, the President of the International and European Law Chapter of the Barcelona Bar Association, which is in charge of promoting the knowledge of international law, where he is a regular speaker at international taxation seminars. Since 2021 he is again member of this Chapter as Secretary.

Javier is also a member of the following associations and regularly attends the conferences held by them:

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