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Why Barcelona

The economy goes global but taxes stay national

Why Barcelona

Barcelona has been a very attractive city for businesses and people from all over the world for a number of years now. The city has always been known for its great initiative in business, culture and education, which makes Barcelona and Catalonia not only the gateway to the Spanish market, but also the base for entering the European market. The ease of communication, technological changes and the creation of a single European market have made it possible to do the same work from Barcelona as from many other European cities.

There is an increasing number of clients who seek our advice on the appropriate tax planning for the transfer of a person or business to Barcelona. Unfortunately, neither the individual tax systems of each country nor their respective authorities are up to the challenge, and a change of residency usually brings about serious issues. Under no circumstances should these risks prevent anyone from enjoying Barcelona and its surroundings, thanks to appropiate tax planning.

And as we know that Barcelona has something special, please allow us to make a few suggestions for those who are planning to live and do business in our city, such as visiting the website Barcelona International Community Day, which provides information on an annual gathering for expatriates in Barcelona organized by Barcelona Activa, as well as reading some information about the city.

Aware of the importance that the economy of the regions has in Europe and the world, Javier Valls takes part in the Barcelona Global forum, which aims to strengthen Barcelona’s international position as an attractive city for business.

For all those who do not yet know the city, we have selected a few videos about Barcelona and its surroundings.


Author: Ayuntamiento de Barcelona

Author: Ayuntamiento de Barcelona

Author: Brandon Li

Author: Mammoth, on behalf of the Diputación de Barcelona

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